Monday, August 6, 2018

Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson mother and brother recently passed away

As far as I know they haven't said the age of his brother but...
His mother was 83

Browns last made the playoffs in 2002
-The 83 rd NFL Season
In the last week of the season the Browns beat the Falcons 24-16 to clinch a playoff spot

Jackson got his only win as Browns coach on 12/24/16

Browns beat Chargers 20-17 (37)
Record became 1-14

Game played 63 days after Jackson 51st birthday

Jackson Record became 9-23 all time as HC
23 = 9th prime

Also on 12/24/16....

ATL beat Carolina 33-16 (49)
ATL became 10-5

Patriots beat NYJ 41-3 (44)
NE record became 13-2

Washington beat Chicago 41-21 (63)
Record became 8-6-1
-861 = 41st triangular number

12/24/16 was also the 359th day of the year
-359 = 72nd prime

72 is a big # for the Redskins, checkout my post below

From this date to SB53 is 2 years 41 days

Earlier in the 2016 Season..
-Patriots beat Browns 33-13..
-NE Record improved to 4-1
This was the Week Brady turned from his suspension

Brady will be 41 for the 2018 season

The Browns are also going to be the 13th team on Hard Knocks
13th prime = 41

I have a hunch the Browns might play the Patriots in the playoffs this year

Browns last playoff was in 94/95 vs Patriots
Score: 20-13 (33)
-Kraft 1st season as Patriots owner
-Belichick was the Browns coach
This was Browns 16th playoff win all time
-16th prime = 53

Browns Current playoff record is 16-20
If Browns win in WC round then lose to Patriots..
Record would be 17-21

Brady would be 7-1 vs Browns all time
1st ever meeting between these teams was in 1971

Seems unlikely at the moment but I do believe the Browns make playoff this year and the numbers look good for a Browns Patriots Matchup

Also my Dez signing on 8/8 is looking good right now and the team is the patriots

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  1. Brady will beat Baker the newest 112 QB in playoffs before winning it all. It'll be 29 years since brown won afc north and number "seven" afc north title for browns.. A perfect "time" to win AFC north this 99th season