Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Patriots / # 42

This was suppose to be a quick one about Belichick and the # 42 but the same #s just kept popping up. I found connections to with dad and a bunch more, enjoy

Belichick became Browns HC in 1991
The Browns 42nd season
He was 39 year old

1991 was the NFL’s 72nd Season
Belichick turns 67, 72 days after SB53
-6*7=42 & 67 = 19th prime

In the 94’ Season @ age 42...
BB won 1st playoff game
This was his 65th game as Browns HC
Beat the Patriots 20-13 (33)
-Pats could improve to 6-5 in SBs
-BB born in 1952' (33rd NFL Season)

BB's 42nd R/S win was Brady’s 1st ever
Patriots beat Indy 44-13 on 9/30/01
Belichick was 49 y/o
-SB53 is the 49th of Modern Era

Later that year on 11/4/01
Patriots won in ATL 24-10
Brady became 4-2

2001 Season BB won his first SB (36)
-Patriots 42nd Season
-SB36 was 42 weeks after B.B. 49th bday

2007 He Lost SB42 to Giants 17-14 (31)
Patriots record became 18-1
-42nd prime = 181
-Belichick = 181 (RO)
SB42 was 42 weeks after 55th bday

Loss SB46 to Giants 21-17
-42nd SB of the modern era

SB53 could be BB's 42nd playoff game
-Brady turns 42, 181 days after SB53
SB53 would be 42 weeks after BB 66th bday

Patriots OC Josh Mcdaniels is currently 42 y/o
-His bday to SB53 is 41 weeks

On 10/9/05 Patriots played @ ATL
-Patriots won 31-28
Belichick Became 65-29 (94) as Pats HC
This was 67 days after Brady’s 28th bday
-Also his 67th RS start
Brady Record became 51-16
-Pats beat ATL in SB51 to end 20(16) season

Then 42 days later on 11/19/05...
Belichecks dad, Steve Belichick died
-Date left 42 days left in the year
This was 218 days after BB' 53rd bday

Steve died 317 days after his 86th bday (1/7/19)
-317 = 66th prime
-Belichick currently 66 years old

This was 286 days after Patriots won SB39
Defeated the Eagles 24-21 on 2/6/05
-37th day of the year
he turned 86, 4 w 2 days before SB39
This was BB's 171st game as HC
-171 = 18th triangular
His record became 99-72!! Unreal

The day after he died (11/20/05)
Patriots beat the Saints 24-17
Brady’s 72nd RS start & 63rd AT win

Steve played 1 season with Lions in 1941
Steve scored a 77 yard punt return on 10/26/41
-Brady born in 77’
Date left 66 days left in year
He also scored two rushing 2 TDs both 8 yards
Steve B average 4.2 yards per carry

Steve B dying at 86..
-86th prime = 443
If BB makes SB he will have coached..
Patriots for 344 games
-344 Mirrors 443

Patriots played in their 1st SB in 86' (85' season)

those are some crazy #s right there it makes me think Brady and Belichicks ride off into the asunder after this season

Other finds:

The 42nd season for the NFL was 1961
Packers beat Giants 37-0
Game was37 weeks after BB's 9th bday

BB first game as Pats HC was 9/3/00
Lost to Bucs 21-16. (37)
37 a big # check my post below
9/3/00 to 2/3/19 is 961 weeks
Square Root of 961 = 31
SB53 would be BB 31st playoff win

BB dad playing in 1941
The year Patriots Owner Bob Kraft was born
Kraft's currently 77
Kraft turns 78, 4 months 2 days after SB53
-78 = 12th triangular #

That means All three; Belichick, Brady and Kraft all have 42 connections from their birthdays to SB53

I found online that Krafts 1st official day as owner on the Patriots was 2/26/94
This was 99 days before Krafts 53rd birthday!

This was also 28 days after ATL hosted SB28


  1. Wow that's some very tight scripting. We just gotta figure out who their opponent will be. One of 49ers, redskins, giants or rams, I'm thinking.

    1. was also previously i was on' 49ers...

    2. The Saints are LOADED. See my 2018 NFL Preview post- look for the Saints SB section.

      Could totally see a New England/Brady versus New Orleans/Brees SB... and Brees winning league and SB MVP and retiring.

      They did Brees vs P. Manning in SB44

      Now why not Brees vs Brady... NINE YEARS LATER
      Brees #9... 99th... 9/9... '18...

      But I'll stay on the 49ers. Been there since February.

      I assume you're saying Saints War of 1812 theme because the kickoff game was 18-12... BUT why wasn't 1993 a Saints War of 1812 theme? Back then there wasn't one isolated game by itself to kickoff the season... So we can't say what the FIRST game of 1993 was, but one of the WEEK ONE scores in 1993 was 18-12...

      It's a rare score. This was only the fourth such score.

      The only other time it happened in week one was 1993. Who won the SB in 1993? Well it was in Atlanta, just like this year... and it was Dallas over Buffalo. I've been hot on Buffalo and a Dallas Buffalo Trilogy is very well represented in the numbers. See my "Super Bowl 53 Might Be Another Trilogy" post.


      p.s. speaking of 13-3... That SB of the 1993 season was 13-30... and it was SB28... This year the NFC could get its 28th SB win.

      Oh and Dallas is a 49 team... and the only team whose SB record is 5-3...

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  3. Hey I like the Steve B thing being 218 (2018) after BB's 53rd birthday...

    I would say that if indeed it is the Patriots again this year that it would make the most sense, like you've been saying, for them to finish 18-1... So when they hit that second loss this reg. season, I think this whole picture takes a fairly large hit, in my mind. HOWEVER, a simple rematch with the "New York Giants" = 181, from "NYC" = 42, could suffice the 42s...

    and I don't know if you saw my 'SB 53 might be another trilogy post', inspired by your pointing out that the SB #s of the one and only trilogy so far add to 53, but NE vs NYG could make a boatload of sense.

    However, I'm convinced you guys are just convinced that Brady will do it again... and so you might be massaging everything you see to fit into that conviction- and it starts to look like insanely super-tight scripting for NE when a lot of what's happening is you are already convinced. But I don't know.

    e.g. the 37 stuff you mention here... Now maybe I'm suffering from this on the other end, convinced that they fall off this year, but when I saw that 37 stuff... I mean look at that, BB's first NE game totaled to 37? Like uh, wow, that's perfect for now their run to be done at 37 playoff games with NE...

    However, I try and check my possible bias and I look and I go, "well, that could just be a perfect beginning to his run with the "Patriots" = 37..." You see? But I don't know.

    Thanks for the work, and cheers!

  4. i see 13-3 and 3 playoff games including Superbowl that fits his data too

  5. 49ers 16
    Vikings 24

    89 is the 24th prime
    - SF won the SB in 89

    53 is the 16th prime
    -This is SB53

    24+16=40, 173 is the 40th prime.
    -SF on their 73rd season.