Monday, September 17, 2018

Josh Gordon to Patriots

This happened 157 days after his 27th bday
-157=37th prime

Also 139 days before SB53
-139=34th prime
SB53 played on 34th d.o.y

Gordon 28th bday is 69 days after SB53
-Brady can get 6th win in 9th SB

Gordon last win was on 11/23/14
Browns won in ATL 26-24

Same week Patriots beat DET 34-9
Brady had 349 yards
-Patriots next game is vs DET

Gordon’s record is 10-30-1 (41)
Brady playoff record could become 30-10
He’s currently 41 y/o

Trade happened on 9/17 or 17/9
41st prime = 179

Gordon has 16 TDs
-16th prime = 53

Gordon went to College at Baylor & Utah but I don’t think he played any games for Utah

Baylor’s mascot is the Bears

Tonight Bears play the Seahawks
Two teams the Patriots have played in SB

1985-The 66th NFL Season
SB20 the 16th of the Modern Era
Bears beat Patriots 46-10

2014-The 95th NFL Season
SB49 the 45th of the Modern Era
Patriots beat Seahawks 28-24

Seahawks Coach Pete Carrol use to coach the Patriots

Seahawks can get 351st all time win on the 260th d.o.y
351 = 26th triangular #

Wilson could stay on 73 wins 73 days before his bday


  1. Bill Belichick will be 66Y9M(669/666) old for the super bowl with his '19 birthday coming 2M1W6D(216=666) after the SB.

    Robert Kraft will be 77Y7M(777) old for the SB.

    Tom Brady will be 2165 weeks old - 19069 is the 2165th prime. Not sure if this stuff matters/works, but 2165+5612= 7777. He was drafted in the 6th round pick #199 = 666. It will be 18Y9M19D from draft date til SB, and once again I don't know if this stuff has any weight, it is still interesting, 18919+91981 = 110900(911).

    Josh Gordon will be 10158 days old for the SB. Which is also exactly 333 months and 3 weeks. 3333+3333=6666. He was selected in the 2012 Supplemental Draft which will be 6Y9M9D(666) until the SB. The contract he signed a few months later would be 6Y6M19D(666) until the SB.

  2. Josh Gordon's birthday until his release date he is 10019 days old. Vontae Davis yesterday retired at 30 years 113 days/ 30 years 3 months 3 weeks. Or 11069 days. From his '18bd 16 weeks 1 day for the 911. From his first NFL contract until 9/16 is 3334 days . Pretty sure if he played on Saturday he would have done it then for the 3333 days exact.

  3. Interesting info- actually like the Bears tidbit... I hadn't thought of how their one SB win so far was the 16th of the modern era- that could be something. Eh? But really? Bears!?

    The MNF Seahawks game was 73 days before Wilson's birthday, and 74 with the end date- and he stayed on 73 wins but could've gotten 74th... Double loaded.

    Did you know
    "Gordon" = 37... THAT's BEAUTIFUL.

    His previous game being vs Atlanta-
    very interesting for your Patriots narratives.

    Good stuff- I just posted NINE games, and an Eli story.