Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tropical Storm Gordon

Tropical Storm Gordon

News today 9/4 reported Tropical Storm Gordon

November 8, 1994, was the date Hurricane Gordon formed.

1994 was the year ATL hosted SB28
They had a player named Dwayne Gordon on the team who wore #53

He was drafted in 1993 by the Dolphins with the 218th pick @ 23 years old
190 days before his 24th birthday

He turns 49 on 11/2/18
This is 93 days before SB53
Dwayne Gordon = 53 (RFR)

His 11/2 birthday is like 112
Gordon played in 112 RSG

From 9/4 to 11/2 is 59 days
11/2 leaves 59 days left in Year
Patriots in 59th season

He went to school @ Neww Hampshire which is located in New England

His last year in the NfL was 2000
Brady’s 1st season

SB34 was played in 2000 ATL also hosted

Lost his last game to the Ravens 34-20
Patriots current playoff record is 34-20
This game was a span of 53 days after Gordon’s 31st birthday

This same day the Patriots/Belichecks lost
Miami beat them 27-24
Belichick Record as HC became 42-56

9/4 leaves 118 days left in the yeAr
Red Sox defeated the Braves tonight
BrAves starter record became 11-8

Apparently Hurricane Gordon was the 12th storm of 94’
12th prime = 37
Braves stayed at 37 home wins
Red Sox threw 157 pitches
157 = 37th prime
They scored 3 runs in the 5th inning

I like the Red Sox to win again tomorrow on 9/5
Braves can get 34th home loss in 139th game
34th prime = 139
They would also get their 63 loss of the year
From 9/5 to SB53 is 151 days
151 = 36th prime
Red Sox would get 97th win and 49th road win
Stay on 26 road losses

SB53 is 49th of Modern Era
AFC looking to win 26th SB

Nationals loss to the Cardinals 11-8
Got their 34th home loss in 139th game
Stayed on 69 wins in their 69th home game

Related active players
Melvin Gordon plays for the Chargers
Josh Gordon plays for the Browns
There’s a Dwayne Allen on the Patriots

Update 9/5/18

Red Sox defeat Braves 9-8
Read the quick breakdown above, the win is. A good sign for the Patriots

Might have to start doing more baseball games🤔


  1. Wow very nice, how did you even find those connections

    1. On Pro Football Reference you can search for players by last name, I looked at Gordon’s and who played in 1993

      Melvin Gordon on SD was born in 1993
      Might need to look into him

  2. Redsox went to 53 games over. Brady is 5-3. Redsox wins 97th game. 9*7=63. Brady go 6-3 andretires? Also redsox win 49th road game that day lmao. 23 games over on road. Sb is 2/3. Clear as day! Funny braves lose 63rd game. All this happened in atlanta. Sb is in atlanta. Could mean something. Could mean nothimg. Nine eighth=99,63. Wow.

    1. Patriots win sb LIII=89. Score of game was 9-8 lol