Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Jets @ Browns

Jets @ Browns
DATE: 9/20/18
263rd d.o.y & 102 left
33rd NFL game of the year

26th matchup between teams
-Browns lead series 13-12
18th in Cleveland
-Browns lead 9-8

Browns 70th Season
ATR: 525-507-14 (1,047th Game)
RSR: 509-487-14 (1,011th Game)
-Browns can become 1-1-1 with a W

Jimmy Haslem
DOB: 3/9/65
170 days til 65th BD
ATR: 20-77-1 (99th Game)

Hue Jackson
DOB: 10/22/65
333 days after 54th b/d & 32 before his 55th
HC: 9-41-1 (51st game)
Browns: 1-32-1

Tyrod Taylor
DOB: 8/3/89
48 days after 29BD & 317 til 30th
ATR: 22-22-1 (46th start)

New York Jets 59th Season
ATR: 410-493-8 (912th game)
RSR: 398-480-8 (887th game)

Woody Johnson
DOB: 4/12/47
161 days since 71BD & 204 til 72nd
ATR: 144-158 (303rd game)
RSR: 138-152 (291st game)

Todd Bowles
DOB: 11/18/63
59 days til 55th BD
ATR: 23-30 (54th game)
Jets: 21-29 (51st)

Sam Darnold
DOB: 6/5/97
107 days since BD
ATR: 1-1 (3rd Game)

Gonna try to decode before tomorrow leaving here to try and help some others


  1. Hey, this one is one of my nine. I noticed the 1011th game... but didn't think of them improving to 1-1-1, very nice!

    I'm fascinated that Darnold is 7777 days old.

    Lots of stuff for the Browns though.

    I noticed all/most? of the old AFL teams are playing on Sunday... Only the Jets are isolated.

    Do you think owners or general managers would be more significant to look at? I've thought about looking at both, I'd say owners I guess. Good thinking.

    Well, hope ya post a decode for this one
    cheers man

  2. I’m leaning towards Browns, on they brought up the time these teams played in the 1986 playoffs which was 23 years ago.
    Browns won 23-20 (43) in OT
    Browns can pick up 14th series win
    14th prime = 43

    Jets coach Bowles was 23 in 1986 and can stay on 23 wins
    1986 was 31 years ago, Bowles can get 31st

    Taylor can get his 23rd win

    I feel like they show videos of previous meetings to give clues to the winner