Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Keanu Neal / Redskins Riddle

Falcons safety # 22 Keanu Neal...
tore his ACL on 9/6/18
Birthday: 7/26/18
Injury was 42 days after his 23rd Birthday

"Keanu" made we think of the Keanu Reeves
Who starred in "The Replacements"
A movie about the 1987 NFL Strike
He Played QB Shane Falco,ex. Ohio State QB
-Falco similar Falcons

He Played for the Washington Sentinels who are suppose to be the 87' Redskins

In the 87' Season, Redskins won SB22
Defeated the Broncos 42-10
-2018 is Redskins 87th Season

In Week 2, Redskins lost to ATL 21-20
Week 3 was cancelled from the strike
-Redskins & Patriots were suppose to play

Replacements players played W 4,5,6
-Redskins won every game

Film aired 8/11/2000 & Runs for 118 minutes
2000 was year ATL last hosted a SB(34)

8/11 to Reeves birthday is 22 days
& 16 days From Neal's birthday
Reeves bday to SB53 is 22 weeks
In the movie Reeves wears # 16
-16th prime = 53

811= 141st prime
'87 Redskins finished RS 11-4
Redskins play ATL on 11/4/18
-91 days before SB53

In the Movie "Point Break" Reeves played another former Ohio State QB, Johnny Utah

Redskins QB Alex Smith went to Utah
Smith bday (5/7) to Reeves is 118 days

Smith's Coach @ Utah was Urban Meyer
He had 22 wins as Utah HC
He currently coaches Ohio State

In between those two jobs..
Meyer Coached at Florida
-Keanu Neal went to Florida

Meyer DOB: 7/10/64
Born in 64’like Reeves
Point Break aired 311 days after Reeves 26th bday
311=64th prime

From Meyer bday to Reeves is 54 days
Both are currently 54 years old

Reeves also played a former OSU QB
In “Point Break” which came out in 1991
-Point Break was Released on Meyers 27th bday
91’ Season when Redskins last won a SB (26)
SB26 was 220 days before Reeves next birthday

To top it off Keanu Neal's nick name is
"The Matrix" films Reeves also starred in

The Matrix was released in 1999
Same Season ATL last hosted a SB (34)
First Season Dan Snyder owned Redskins
Redskins = 99
2018 is 99th NFL Season

Villains in The Matrix are Agent Smith and Sentinels

2016 Film “Keanu” runs 99 minutes
Movie released the day after ATL drafter Neal

Keanu Neal has 187 career solo tackles
187th prime = 1117
11*17= 187
Flip 1117 you get LIII
Which is Roman numerals for 53


So now #45 Dion Jones on ATL is out for the year
His birthday is 11/4/18 a big day for ATL
-This date leaves 57 days left in the year
ATL playing Redskins on 11/4
Alex Smith birthday is 5/7

From Neal's birthday to Jones is 101 days
101 = 26th prime
AFC can win 26th SB

Keanu Reeves Daugther died on 12/4/99
Estranged wife on 4-2-01
1 year 99 days apart


  1. Bro you gotta decode the Gruden brothers Super Bowl.. There's a hint in it for Jon coming back this season and Jay going to SB 53

  2. Yo, my man. One of your best posts to date.

    LOVE this stuff.
    I think more "off the field" stuff and stuff like pop culture references is where it's at...

    It's stuff like this that probably is the key to actually figuring out the formula/code- as evidenced by the whole FLAG thing a year ago.

    Reeves also makes me think of Dan Reeves btw but that's just another Atlanta connection.

    I just hope it's Baltimore and not New England that the Redskins lose to in SB53. lol.


    1. While making this post a couple times it made me think about the The Ravens which I should have added

      The Replacements used the Ravens stadium to film the games

      Ravens won SB35 during 2000 season when it was filmed

      From release day (8/11) to SB35 is a span of 171 days

      171 = 18 triangular #

      Also 811 being 141st prime

      From SB26 to SB53 is 1410 months

      Thanks WBC, I am with you on the off field connections playing a big role going to try to incorporate that more

  3. Daaaaaamn, those are some juicy finds! Thank you