Wednesday, January 2, 2019

AFC Wildcard: Chargers @ Baltimore

Chargers @ Ravens
Ravens lead the series 7-5 (13th meeting)
In Baltimore; Ravens lead 3-1 (5th)

Last meeting on 12/22/18
-15 days before this game
Ravens won 22-10

Last meeting in Baltimore was 11/1/15
Ravens won 29-26 (54)
Both teams became 2-6

Ravens (23rd Season)
Record: 215-175-1 (396th game)
Playoffs: 15-8 (24th game)
-Can get 16th win on 1/6
Home: 3-2 (6th game)

John Harbaugh
Record: 114-77 (192nd game)
Playoffs: 10-5 (16th game)
Game is 260 days before his 57th bday

Lamar Jackson
Record: 6-1
Home: 4-0
Birthday is 1/7 could become 7-1

He also ended the season will 99 completions

Chargers (59th Season)
Record: 458-459-11 (929th game)
Playoffs: 11-17 (29th game)
Road: 5-8 (14th game)

Anthony Lynn
Record: 21-12 (34th game)
Game is 16 days after his 50th b/d

Philip Rivers
Record: 122-95 (218th game)
Road: 54-55 (110th game)

Playoffs: 4-5 (10th Game)
-Rivers could fall to 4-6, Chargers get 460th loss
Road: 2-3 (6th game)
Vs Ravens: 3-5 (9th game)

Game is 29 days after his 37th birthday

Pick: The numbers aren't showing me much but I have been on the Ravens all season so I expect them to win this game.


  1. It's just been my experience for watching the number crowd for three years that a lot if times , I was right more often then gematria guys, at times..I've watched sports for 35 years and have a pretty good feel for storylines.. and I think I've learned from other mistakes over the last three years.. I don't think this game matters because they'll both lose the next round..I just think Chargers are the better story in fake sports land

    1. Fair enough, there’s no exact science to the numbers like some of these ppl claim. I just try to get out the raw #s to start a discussion. Unfortunately I don’t have a following so it’s all for not

    2. It's an exact science of some sort, otherwise dates and numbers wouldn't line up like they do. It's not just that. Silver lining playbook, movie, predicted the Eagles winning the SB, that lead actor was in the Eagles owners booth, for crying out loud. But I was,wrong about Minnesota this year. But I would think they get juice at some point ,for building a field and hosting.

    3. There's numbers for both teams to win and lose tbh. Just sit back and enjoy game

  2. Great stuff SWS! You have a following more then you know! I lied the Ravens all season so like younridikg with them until proven otherwise.

  3. *Like you I’m riding with Ravens

  4. Actually, the narrative is strong for Rivers to suck..he's been throwing ints.. I will now choose Ravens...the over,under is 42..if I pick the correct team and total, I win a contest. Baltimore equals 43, if I remember correctly

  5. 41 things you might not know about Tom Brady. 41.

  6. Pats, seahawks, 9-9 all time, 8-9 seahawks, not counting the SB. Both teams have twins on the roster..Matt Ryan of Atl had twins

  7. You have a following at bstay woke sports you have great information and decodes

  8. I thought Chargers, up.until about 36 hours ago. Ravens is my pick.Rivers has thrown 2 ints in each of last 3 games.

  9. i really don’t think they have a black rookie qb lose to philip rivers. i could be wrong but i’m just speculating

    1. Well, the black QB always gets screwed, it's just a matter of when..and he IS a rookie, so that narrative is always an easy excuse

  10. 16 years ago we had the "Gruden Bowl", It was about Gruden leading his new team to the Super Bowl and facing his former team.

    Could be the "Brees Bowl".

    1. It's just Patriots dude, just the Patriots..Patriots, nothing but Patriots lol