Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Patriots @ Chiefs / SB53 Prediction

Chiefs are 10-18 in Playoffs
-Can get 19th loss in Mahome’s 19th start
Patriots are 8-11 all time on the road in playoffs
Can become 9-11, Chiefs become 10-19 in playoffs

Chiefs are 3-7 @ home
Could fall to 3-8, Brady bday is 8/3
-Teams previous meeting totaled 83 points

Kraft can get his 311th win
Belichick can become 30-11 in playoffs

Belichick would stay on 89 losses
89 = 24th prime
The game is 240 days before Mahome’s 24th birthday

Reid is @ 207 wins all time
This is his 103rd game as Chiefs HC
27th prime = 103

Tom Brady
Game is 170 days after his 41st birthday
AFC Record: 178-53
-Can get his 179th win (41st prime)
-In Belichicks 41st playoff game
Brady stays on 53 losses advances to SB53
-53 = 16th prime

Patriots can get 16th win vs KC -
-KC leads series 18-15-3
16th triangular # = 136
The game is 136 days before Robert Kraft’s birthday

This is the 16th matchup in KC
-KC leads 11-3-1
All year I’ve been talking about the Patriots and 11/4
Patriots are 10-4 in AFC Championship game
A win makes them 11-4
The teams previous played on 10/14
Patriots have 411 losses all time
Kraft can become 11-4 in AFC Title Games

Brady first played in ATL (11/4/01)
This was 6300 days before SB53
From 11/4 to 1/20 is 77 days

Brady was born in 1977
1977 season ended with SB12
SB12 was played in New Orleans and totaled 37 points
-37 = 12th prime

The Saints make sense to win the NFC
Brady’s first game against the Saints was 11/25/01
114 days after his 24th birthday
Patriots won 34-17 (51)
-Saints next game in ATL will be their 51st all time

Brady had a 41 yard TD pass in this game
Brady became 6-3 as a starter // ’01 Patriots record became 6-5

Patriots lead the series 10-4 vs Saints
Bree’s would enter the game with 114 losses
Could call to 115 which matches his 1/15 bday

Bree’s would wall to 15-3 on the season#
This would be Bree’s 220th start for the Saints

Celtics Clues
Celtics won in Atlanta on 11/23/18 with 114 points
They scored 53 points in the 2nd half
This was their 19th game of the season (10-9)
-Game was 72 days prior to SB53

They then beat ATL again on 12/14/18
Celtics scored 42 points in the 1st quarter
-This was 42 days before SB53
This made their record 18-10

-SB53 is 181 days before Bradys 42nd birthday
181 = 42nd prime
The NO Pelicans play in ATL 26 days after SB53
This is the Hawks 67th game of the year


  1. Los Angeles Rams lead series 41-34-0

  2. Brees first game against Brady (with Chargers) he passed for 104 yds. Brady had 53 passing attempts. Final score was 21-14 (35 pts)

    1. Their 2nd game jumps out to me
      Chargers won 41-17
      Both teams became 2-2
      This was 206 days after Bree’s 26th birthday

    2. That's a great find SkiDMarK. From the date of that game until the Super Bowl is 853 Weeks. 853 is the 147th prime number
      Drew Christopher Brees + Tom Brady=147
      853 Weeks=74
      San Diego Chargers + New England Patriots=704
      Drew Brees + Tom Brady=89
      Super Bowl Fifty-Three=89
      Brady finished 36/53. 36+53=89
      Brees + Brady=99 (This is the 99th season of the NFL)
      National Football League= 990
      They finished with 457 combined passing yards in that game. 457 is the 88th prime number. 853 Weeks=88
      They finished combined 45 /71 passing.
      45 for 71= 35
      The game was 57 days after Brady's 25th birthday.

  3. Pats beat Chiefs, then Saints...like French, Indian war?

  4. This is very interesting! During the War of 1812, there was another seldom known war. It was known as the Patriot War. The war took place in/from Georgia. The pretext used by Madison was Louisiana Purchase to take Spanish lands in Florida from Spanish and Seminoles who had tribes divided by Red and White colors. The Rams family from Spain was very prominent during this time. This is just a brief breakdown but it definitely is ironic.

  5. Super wolf blood moon will be Sunday. Super wolf blood moon= 87 do we see a 47-40 in one of the games

  6. In 2001, the patriots finished 11-5, beat the falcons 24-10 (34)
    on 11/4 (411). The falcons went 3-4 with the loss, Patriots finished the season with a 99 point differential and scored 38 points in wk17.

    It is the 99th season, The Patriots also finished 11-5, and scored 38 points in wk17.

    9/11 leaves 111 days on the year and the patriots finished this season with a 111 point differential.

    I guess the only question we need answered is, who will they beat? Rams or Saints?

    As I said previously, the Saints make sense in terms of the 666 Nick Saban connection. As Belichick would get his 6th career win vs Saints.

    or we get the Rams, the whole end of an era story. would that be the reason the rams moved to California? Brady from California?

    interesting that if the saints lose to the rams, their playoff record will be 9-11. It would also be fitting for Goff to get his 16th career loss in the SB.

    Did anyone find anything on Rob Ninkovich (former Patriot) saying the patriots will win by 14 points if the weather is as bad as they are predicting???

    Here are my predictions, OH well if I am wrong...won't be the first time lol.

    Patriots 23
    Chiefs 14

    Rams 27
    Saints 24

    1. The scores should be higher than that, and add up to 99 or more, or each score be reduced to number 9 , I would assume like 63 total points in one game and 54 in the other..something like that

  7. Oh!! and if Chiefs lose this sunday, their playoff record will be
    10-19 like 911

  8. Celtics play the Hawks on Saturday 1/19 (9/11).

    The Hawks used to be in St. Louis like the Rams...Hint maybe?

    1. If the Hawks were to win, their home record would improve to
      9-11 and the Celtics would get their 19th loss of the season.

  9. Great find! Celtics would fall to 10-14 on the road. more 11/4, Unreal!

    This would be the Celtics 47th game overall. Theres a narrative for SB53 to end with 47 total points

    Hawks can pick up their 15th win
    15th prime = 47

    Also with them becoming 9-11 @ home.

    The Pelicans are currently 15-6 @ home.
    1561th prime = 911

  10. Also... Boston college just beat the FSU Seminole’s today 87-82 in basketball. Seminoles Indian themed team with the same chop and chant the Chiefs do. Seems like the Pats Win....

  11. Saints game: stopped at 23 seconds with 23 total points..first score for Saints was number 45, 54= new orleans..I think 45 does too, but I need to check again...I'm still hoping for a 54 point game total

  12. My phone said 3:23 pm, when the Rams won 26-23

  13. Pata scored at 3:32 on game clock..the twins on Pats are number 30 and 32

  14. Yo!!! Zach Hubbard made a post about if google/wiki knew something prior to the championship games and showed how they had the chiefs and saints in the losers box. I just looked at the wiki list of super bowl results and they have the Pats and Rams both in the winners block lol. TF!!!

    1. Wow wtf??? Also there is an (11) near the Patriots and a (4) near the Rams!! More 11/4!

    2. Looks like the 11 & 4 are based on their SB appearances but still. 2 numbers that constantly keep coming up

    3. Patriots have 411 franchise losses

  15. During Rams game, Joe Buck mentioned Troy had won 3 Super Bowls in the 90s, while holding up his hand in the ok/ triple 6 gesture...subtle hint at the 3 per decade thing?

  16. Why did Patriots game end with 68 total points? Why 69 the previous game? Clock was on 1:49 before the controversial hit in Rams game, 23 hit 11

  17. Brady and Gurley were born on the same day August 3rd ,1977 and 1994.. they must have kept Gurley out .. for multiple reasons but stats being one of them

  18. 1977= 41 Years, 170 Days
    497 Months, 17 Days
    2163 Weeks, 4 Days
    15145 Days

    1994 = 24 Years, 170 Days
    293 Months, 17 Days
    1276 Weeks, 4 Days
    8936 Days

  19. holy shit.. that kicker that didnt last Younghoe koo, born Aug 3rd 1994..https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KooxYo00.htm ...
    games 4
    FGM 3
    fgA 6
    EXTRA points made 9
    Extra points attempted 9

  20. number 56 on rams, Dante Fowler Jr. born August 3ed too, 1994

    1. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/08/todd-gurley-happy-birthday-tom-brady-photo-feeding-goat

  21. Replies
    1. I still think they want Pats..seems that's what all this indicates.

  22. I live in Oregon..the local sports station is having stupid calls about whether Brady is greatest ever.. a guy called and started to say Brady was great because....HE GETS ALL THE DAMN CALLS! He then starts to say how much he hates him, then says he thinks the game is rigged and here's why....right then, the host just hangs up on him. I doubt the host can know it's staged..maybe the program director hung up on him? But its obvious they want nothing to do with that view.

  23. these 2 pictures from tv, from the game Pats vs Chargers.. after a fumble went out of bounds (controversial call etc)
    same time- the twins are focused on
    game clock stopped at 3:22.

    in first picture you see its 3:22 , 49 and 53 of pats is visible .. 50 and 34 are between them.. will that be a score?
    i'm not saying i understand or no anything.. but its obviously significant

    1. i also think looking at the world series should say something

    2. 53 for Super Bowl 53
      50 + 49 for 99th NFL season
      34 probably has to do with winner

    3. The 50 has to translate another way, thsts too simple..there's already a 53 and 49 there

  24. I saw a London Ball Lakers card at the local card shop today. The card number was 294.

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