Saturday, January 26, 2019

Super Bowl 53: Patriots vs Rams

Patriots lead series 8-5
The Rams have been designated the home team.
Patriots lead 4-2 as road team

Rams (82nd season)
Record: 589-587-21 (1,198th game)
Playoffs: 21-25 (47th game)
Rams are 19-21 playing in ATL
-This will be their 41st game

Stan Kroenke (71 years old)
Record: 66-80-1 (148th game)
Playoffs: 2-1 (4th game)

Sean Mcvay (32 y/o)
Record: 26-9 (36th game)
Playoffs: 2-1

Jared Goff (24 y.o)
Record: 26-15 (42ndh start)
-Could get his 16th loss in SB53
-Could stay on 26 wins, AFC wins 26th SB

Home*: 13-8 (22nd start)
-Could become 13-9 (139=34th prime)

AFC: 4-0 (5th start)
-Could fall to 4-1 vs AFC vs 41 y/o Brady
41 = 13th prime
Goff became 1-3 after losing to the Pats in 2016

His Birthday is 10/14/1994
His birthday is like 114 I’ve been talking about
The game is 253 days before his 25th bday
253 = 22nd triangular #
-Goff playoff record could fall to 2-2
Rams can get their 22nd loss in ATL

New England Patriots
Record: 535-411-9 (957th Game)
Playoffs: 35-20 (56th game)
Patriots are 4-4 playing in ATL
This will be their 9th game

Robert Kraft:
Record: 311-135 (447th game)
Playoffs: 32-14 (47th game)
Game is 4 months 2 days before his birthday

Bill Belichick
Record: 289-134 (426th game)
Playoffs: 30-11 (42nd game)
Patriots: 254-89 (344th game)

Tom Brady
Record: 236-70 (307th start)
Playoffs: 29-10 (38th Start)
Away*: 99-46 (146th start)
Playoffs Away*: 7-4 (12th start)

NFC: 57-19 (77th Start)
NFC West: 12-5 (18th start)
Rams: 4-1 (6th start)
-Could fall to 4-2
-Brady’s 42nd birthday is 181 days after SB53
-181 = 42nd prime

This is a rematch of SB38 which was also played on 2/3
This is the 34th day of the year
Rams appeared in SB34 which was also in ATL
Patriots defeated ATL 34-28 in SB51
The only other SB hosted by ATL was SB28

Interesting both teams last game in ATL in the 2013 season
Week 2: Rams loss 31-24 (55) to ATL
Week 4: Patriots won 30-23 (53) in ATL

NFC West SB Record is 7-6 (14th game)
AFC East SB Record is 9-12 (22nd game)

I keep going back to Brady 1st game is ATL which was 11/4/01
Patriots won 24-10
This game was 6300 days before SB53
Brady threw TD passes of 19, 5 & 44 yards
Add them up you get 63

That game started @ 1:01PM
-101 = 26th prime

However the Patriots have never won a Super Bowl when they did they defeat the Colts or Steelers in the AFC Championship Game...

Ill be adding more when I have time....


  1. It’s SB36 not 38. That’s basically the same info I have. Also, in 2001 the Patriots beat the Falcons in Atlanta 24-10 (34). The Loss made the Falcons record 3-4. The date of that game was 11/4 like 411. Patriots currently have 411 overall losses.

    The 99th season, well in 2001 the Patriots had a point differential of +99.

    The Twin Towers connection:
    9/11 left 111 days on the year. This season the Patriots finished with a point differential of +111

    John Cena is 41yo and from Boston. I think he wins the Royal Rumble to Main Even Wrestlemania 35 and wins the WWE Championship for the 17th time in his career. WM35 happens 16 days before his bday which is a span of 17 days. LAR vs NE 17 years later, Rams scored 17 points and it was Brady’s 17th game that year.

    Things happen in 3’s. Lakers vs Celtics this Finals?

  2. I'm pretty sure Rams will be in SB 55 when they host SB.. just a futures thought

  3. Anyone got an exact total for score? I've been thinking 66 or 63 or 44..the line us 57.5..if you counted the world series points. It would be 28-16, if I remember correctly

  4. Nfl netwrk, is showing Jerome Bettis delivering the trophy for SB 53.. he was number 36, the game is at 6:30.. 63 points? Yes I know the game i always at 6:30, but why the hell show Bettis delivering a trophy?

  5. The super bowl host committee logo is,red and gray and has 16 shapes/pieces in it, 8 red, 8 gray

  6. Largest age gap between QB Brady and opposing coach , 8 yrs 174 days, mcvay

  7. Dan Orlich, oldest Packer, dies at 94. Dan Orlich, who was believed to be the oldest former Green Bay Packer and the last player alive who had played for legendary coach Curly Lambeau, has died at the age of 94. Orlich was an eighth-round pick in the 1949 NFL draft, and his first season was Lambeau's last season.

  8. Last year's pro bowl had a total of 47 points, the super bowl had 74 points..this year's score,pro bowl 26-7...?

  9. The O'Dell Beckam commercial became true..where he plays rams in coliseum..Rams Players with 53 and 49 were on screen it

  10. Matthew Slater, Jackie Slayers son, he's been a Patriots wr for a decade, hardly played, but he was drafted 153rd, he's number 18, Rams 18 Cooper Kupp, got ACL during season..hint at Rams loss?

  11. The guy at Upside down truth blogspot says he definitely has Rams

  12. Tony Romo predicted 28-24 and the team with 24 has last drive and doesn't score...that's what happened in SB 49, when Pats Beat Seahawks

    1. He didn't pick winner...52 is duo of 62...I'll check points

  13. I went to gym, a guy in Dodge Ram truck parked in front of me, he went too far and bumped me..his license 994- then 3 a sign? 49/99/9

    Everything is based on codes and patterns.There are codes and patterns within codes and patterns. Twin playoff patterns. ?? = WL Patriots win and cover original spread. (If original spread is (-1.5) and moves to (-2.5) they could very easily win by 2 and cover original spread. I'd buy 1/2 point just in case if spread is (-2.5) ie: Seattle vs Dallas playoff game. Dallas (-2.5) and won by 2. As for Romo prediction, they are trying to make Romo seem like Nostradamus lol so the final score very well could = 52 points with 28-24 Patriots win. If I recall correctly, 52 could represent the 6th title. (English Ordinal and Reverse Sumerian I believe)

  15. eagles last year, Rams this year= in back to back SBs. SB 14 Rams lose to Steelers, SB 15 Eagles lose to Raiders.

  16. Opening night...before Patriots get introduced as front is Brady..with him is Gronkowski and Edelman, Gronk is 87 ,Edelman is 11, 87= 15..,51 +11 is 5111 or LIII ..and before 5he went down as a team..they had resist pink light only on Bradys face.

  17. Bradys nfl net. Interview on opening night, started at 5:49, 8:49 est.. when the interview announcer said, that was a really interesting 8 minutes..he called the bottle he was carrying- the edge-

  18. The edge= 54,36,135,27..
    Edge= 21,21,87,15....does Gronk have an mvp night? #87 ..

  19. A former Miami Dolphins player was among three killed in a Sunday morning house fire in Monroe, Georgia. Quentin Moses, 33, was unconscious when firefighters removed him from the building. He was later pronounced dead alongside a 31-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter. Moses, a linebacker, played for the Dolphins for four seasons, and later became an assistant football coach at 

  20. Mystery Gambler who won $ 10 million at the Super Bowl last year, places a $ 1.5 million bet on Rams

  21. There's a malcom brown on both the Rams and Patriots Rams #34, today has 34 date numerology, #90 for Pats

  22. Pats had their number 18 ,Matt Slater, Rams lost Cooper Kupp ,number 18, during season.. Jimmy G. For niners went down in season ,JG ,Jared Goff went down in Super Bowl ... there was a Malcom Brown on both teams. .Matt Ryan had twins..twin wins,twin losses, two Georgia bulldogs running backs in a game in AtL Georgia..

  23. Jimmy Garoppolo, JG went down in week 3, JG Jared Goff s ores 3 in SB.

  24. I thought we knew not to count SBs as home/away games in records...



    Did you guys know about all of the threes?
    Did you guys have a low scoring game?

    I was all about threes
    and then the game was all about threes


  25. Pats beat Atlanta, then won in Atlanta

  26. I'm watching SB highlights of Packers vs Patriots . Desmond Howard #81, had that 99 yrd kickoff return at 3:10 remaining in the 3rd qtr..also a Patriot player #41 scored a TD= 6 points.Andre Rison who was a Falcon before a Packer, scored 6 on Patriots..who of course won number 6 in ATL.

  27. anyone watch the series deadly class tonight? the asian girl gets on a motorcycle with white numbers, number 54.. she jumps off a 'welcome to san Fransisco sign.. the show takes place in the 80s.. but she was wearing a 'red' football helmet that was modern, like P. Manning style, or maybe Garoppolo.. she also wore a American flag....niners? 2 guys bet '100' bucks whether she made the jump.

  28. hey where ya at- y'all onto the PACKERS yet? I'm worried about the Packers- check my post. Hope all is well, cheers!

  29. That pizza commercial with Goff and Gurley..predicted the score #16 and #30..1+6+3=10, season 100 coming..maybe next year # 1 seed vs #1 seed

  30. Robert Kraft charged in Florida lol

    SB54 in MIAMI

    Today's date 2/22 (222)
    SB54 date 2/2/20 (222)
    Today is the 53rd DOY
    They just won SB53
    103 days beofre his B-Day
    103 = 27th prime
    AFC wins SB54 they get their 27th Lombardi trophy.
    This is the Final one I guess. Similar to Golden State



  31. Am I the only one who thinks the Raiders new stadium resembles the Seahawks logo??

  32. Seattle won't be involved for a long time again

  33. amazing how you predicted the final score and didnd't even know it. you sir have a gift.wish you wouldve continued.

    1. I’m still here! I moved halfway across the country earlier this year so I haven’t had any free time, but hope to get back to it soon. Care to explain how I predicted the score?

  34. As we all know every team has some sort of connection to the Super Bowl. Here is some interesting things for the 49ers.

    SB54 in Miami
    On the 33rd DOY
    Nick Bosa born in Florida
    His father played for Dolphins
    Bday 10/23, 33
    WK1 will be Shanahans 33rd career game
    49ers opener is against a Florida team(Bucs)
    Arians losing wk1 gives him 49 career losses.
    The Draft was in Tennessee
    First overall pick was Murray, his dad had a stint with the 49ers in 1988.
    The former 49ers scout who died was from Tennessee and played college football at Tennessee.
    John Lynch’s final game as a Buccaneer was against the Titans

    SB19 49ers beat dolphins by 22pts
    SB54 is on 2/2
    The combined score was 54pts