Tuesday, January 8, 2019

AFC Divisional: Chargers @ Patriots

Chargers @ Patriots
The game is 21 days before SB53
Patriots lead series 24-15-2 (42nd meeting)
Patriots lead 13-8-1 @ home (23rd meeting)
Last meeting on 10/29/17
Patriots won 21-13 (34)
*441 days or 63 weeks prior to this game

Chargers (59th Season)
Record: 459-459-11 (930th game)
Playoffs: 12-17 (30th game)
Road: 6-9 (16th game)

Anthony Lynn (50 y/o)
Record: 22-12 (35th game)
Road: 12-6 (19th game)
Game is 22 days after his 50th b/d

Philip Rivers
Record: 123-95 (219th game)
Road: 55-55 (111th game)
Playoffs: 5-5 (11th Game)
Road: 3-3 (7th game)
Vs Patriots: 1-7 (9th game)
AFC: 97-72 (170th start)
Game is a span of 37 days after his 37th b/d
*37 = 12th prime

New England Patriots
Record: 534-411-9 (955th Game)
Playoffs: 34-20 (55th game)
Home: 22-4 (27th game)

Bill Belichick
Record: 289-134 (424th game)
Playoffs: 28-11 (40th game)

Tom Brady
Record: 234-70 (305th start)
Playoffs: 27-10 (38th Start)
Home: 19-3 (23rd start)
Divisional Round: 12-2 (15th start)
AFC: 177-52 (201nd start)
-Could get 53rd loss
Vs Chargers: 8-2 (11th meeting)

163 days since bday & 202 days til 42nd b/d
163 = 38th prime

Can fall to 8-3 vs Chargers
Birthday is 8/3
Could fall to 8-3 in 23rd home playoff start
*23rd prime = 83

During the 44th NFL season (1963) both these teams were in the AFL.
They met in the AFL Championship Game that year
Chargers won 51-10 (61)
41 point defeat // Brady 41 years old

The passing of Brandon Mebanes Daugther is leaning me chargers

Theres also a good amount of 22/79 in LAC favor

Last charger win in NE was 10/2/05
Chargers won 41-17 (58)
Both teams became 2-2

This was4851 days before next game
That is the 98th triangular #
Rivers can get his 98th win vs AFC

I’ll update more soon


  1. I can't help but pick the Patriots simply because of the 666 thing. Brady is 7-0 vs Rivers and we know streaks tend to end in 7's. Their home streak didn't end at 14. They can make it 16 straight home wins on Sunday.

    23rd meeting @ New England

    Lynn gets 23rd career win

    Chargers can get 9th win @ New England

    23 = 9th prime

    1/13 has numerology of 17

    Chargers can remain at 17 playoff losses

    They play on the 13th, Chargers can get 13th playoff win and patriots remain at 13 series home wins.

    Patriots get their 412th franchise loss, Rivers gets 124th career win. (If this even matters)

    1. There's numbers for everything. Y'all say streaks end in 7 or whatever. Patriots went 18-0. Just enjoy game. Either team can win. It depends who shows up. Do refs make questionable calls. Sometimes lol

  2. Patriots are going for a 9th SB in 18 seasons.9/18, seams to be a number in their favor I would guess

    1. LOL at your above comment. I am about set on Patriots vs Cowboys. Seems like your leaning towards the Cowboys hosting the NFC Championship game for the first time since 19(96) Cowboys could get their 69th series win over the Eagles if this happens. (Cowboys hosted the NFL Draft, and Eagles did last year lol)

    2. Which comment? Or you mean both?

    3. Forget numbers. Better team will win. Rams should beat cowboys. S aints should beat eagles. I got colts vest my chiefs. Don't trust chieftain playoffs. Luck has experience. Patriots beat chargers.

    4. Colts beating chiefs* they ain't my team lol

    5. Better team? They keep giving upsets every year. They've already made everyone believe a rookie or back up can step in and win the big games. The league may have saints win but they wont go to SB. Rams won't win if saints lose because the league won't let the Coliseum host an nfc championship, the stadium has no bells and whistles.. I bet the Rams get a new QB on the off season, a real big name..Jared Goff is not a LA Hollywood QB

  3. Stop saying the league won’t let Rams host nfc Chip game why???? That’s a weak argument about the stadium. Eyeballs and ratings galore will be on that game regardless $$$. I’m saying that is not a reason Rams don’t win plus obviously it’s no guarantee they will host winning.

    1. Plus they can talk up that atetifum of all the past big games college and pro that been played there through the years etc...

    2. Now the AFC Championship at the Stub hub is something that won't happen. The stadium is not big enough to generate a large amount of revenue.

      There is a lot of history behind the Coliseum but I think the championship game will be in Dallas or most likely in New Orleans.

    3. Asif, it's an entirely logical educated argument. The Coliseum is a high school stadium now with no bells and whistles. I'll not back down from that till the Rams possibly win tomorrow lol.
      They have lots of seats compared to Chargers.. but I seriously ,honestly doubt it. There is the possibility they host the Eagles and lose to them because Rams lost to Eagles in coliseum in the 1949 championship. We shall see. We shall see :)

  4. I hear you Ram... but see they won so. Now hopefully the Saints should follow suit.

    1. I'll take eagles, they own zrams in LA..Saints are forever heartbroken losers...except for that one year..I bet they get blown out today imo

  5. Lol oh god, they keep throwing knuckles and curves...twins...Rams lose to Pats again imo

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