Tuesday, January 8, 2019

AFC Divisional: Colts @ Chiefs

Just getting these posted to start a discussions. I will update and make picks before the games are played.

Colts @ Chiefs
-The game is 22 days before SB53
Colts lead series 16-9 (27th Meeting)
Colts lead 9-4 in KC (14 meeting)

Last meeting 10/30/16
805 days before this game
Chiefs won 30-14 (44)
Chiefs became 5-2 // Colts 3-5

Colts (66th Season)
Record 539-459-7 (1,029th game)
Playoffs: 23-23 (47th game)
Road: 9-12 (22nd game)

Frank Reich (57 y/o)
Record: 11-6 (18th game)
39 days after his birthday

Andrew Luck (29 y/o)
Record: 57-36 (94th game)
Road: 25-23 (49th start)
Playoffs: 4-3 (8th game)
Road: 2-3 (6th start)

Chiefs (59th Season)
Record: 478-437-12 (928th game)
*479 = 92nd prime
Playoffs: 9-18 (28th game)
Home: 2-7 @ home (10th game)
*The 28s jumping out to me.

Andy Reid (60 y/o)
Record: 206-137-1 (345th game)
Playoffs: 11-13 (25th game)
Home: 8-5 (14th game)
*66 days before 61st bday

Patrick Mahomes (23 y/o)
Record: 13-4 (18th start)


  1. the 66.

    Colts in 66th season
    Reid enters game with 66 wins as Chiefs HC

    I am taking the Colts.

    All QB's making their playoff debut have lost (Trubisky, Jackson, Watson) Mahomes should fall.

  2. Of course Luck wins, of Course..he owns KC. He's the new AFC poster boy. Articulate etc..another black QB is dust. He's had a year to practice this game

  3. 14-0, typical blow out coming? Or will Luck catch up?