Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams

Just getting these posted to start a discussions. I will update and make picks before the games are played.

Cowboys @ Rams
The game is 22 days before SB53
Dallas leads series 17-16 (34th meeting)
Dallas leads 8-7 @ Rams (16th meeting)
Playoffs: 4-4 (9th meeting)

Cowboys (59th Season)
Record: 537-407-6 (962nd game)
Playoffs: 35-27 (63rd game)
Road: 13-17 (31st game)

Jerry Jones
Record: 277-229 (507th game)
Playoffs: 15-11 (27th game)

Jason Garrett (52 y/o)
Record is 79-61 (141st game as HC)
Playoffs: 2-2
Game is 290 days after his bday

Dak Prescott (25 y/o)
Record: 33-17 (51st start)
Road: 15-9 (25th start)
The game is 167 days after his 25th bday
*167 = 39th prime

Rams (82nd season)
Record: 587-587-21 (1,196th game)
*87 = 107th prime #
Playoffs: 19-25 (45th game)
Home: 12-7 (20th game)

Sean Mcvay (32 y/o)
Record: 24-9 (34th game)
*353 days after his b/d (71st prime)

Jared Goff (24 y.o)
Record: 24-15 (40th start)
Home: 12-9 (22nd start)


  1. I like the number 16 in this game and it favors the Cowboys.

    Dallas wins and Rams remain at 16 series wins

    Goff gets his 16th career loss

    It is the 16th series meeting @ Rams home

    Goff #16

    Cowboys can get their 16th win in the divisional round of the playoffs (15-11)

    1/12 has numerology of 16 (1+1+2+2+0+1+9=16)

    Also, Dak can get his 34th career win on McVay's 34th career game

    Dallas gets their 18th series win and Garrett remains at 61 losses. (61 = 18th prime)

  2. It is also their 34th series meeting

  3. Nfl doesn't want a conference championship in Coliseum.. not good enough for a big game.
    I was born a Rams fan lol.
    I pick Dallas. The 5 pointed star

  4. Rams vs saints nfc championship.

  5. I'll say neither team goes. It's only Tuesday

  6. Another 16 to go with this game. With Cowboys win, Dak gets his 16th career road win.

  7. Did you guys know Tony Romo was part of the crew announcing SB53?

  8. Well Rams won..but the final score is, to me, obvious they lose to Eagles next week.

  9. Nope, no Eagles lol jeez. Saints lose second conference championship.

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