Tuesday, January 8, 2019

NFC Divisional: Eagles @ Saints

Eagles @ Saints
The game is 21 days before SB53
Eagles lead series 17-14 (32nd meeting)
Saints lead 10-8 in NO (19th Meeting)

Saints won last meeting on 10/29/17
*56 days before this game
The score was 48-7 (55)
Saints became 9-1 // Eagles fell to 4-6

Saints (52nd Season)
Record: 370-445-5 (821st game)
Playoffs: 8-10 (19th game)
Home: 5-3 (9th game)

Sean Payton (55 years old)
Record: 125-79 (205th game)
Playoffs: 7-5 (13th game)

Drew Brees (39 y/o)
Record: 162-114 (277th start)
Playoffs: 7-6 (14th Start)
Home: 5-1 (6th start)
Vs Eagles: 5-3 (9th Start)

Eagles (86th season)
Overall: 600 -622-26 (1,249th game)
-249 = 204th prime
Playoffs: 23-21 (45th game)
Road: 7-12 (20th game)

Doug Pederson (50 y/o)
Record: 33-19 (53nd game)
Playoffs: 4-0

Nick Foles
Record: 30-19 (50th start)
Road: 16-11 (27th start)
Playoffs: 4-1


  1. Today is Jan 8th.....January 8, 2012: This is remembered as one of the wildest Wild Card games of all. On January 8, 1012, the underdog Broncos, led by Tim Tebow, defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on an 80-yard pass in the first play of overtime. What made it the 3:16 game? It came three years to the day after Tebow’s BCS National Championship game in which he wrote John 3:16 in paint on his cheeks, sending fans everywhere to Google what it means. But even more than that: in that Wild Card game, Tebow threw for 316 yards and averaged 31.6 yards per completion. Eerie enough for you?

  2. I pick Eagles....I don't know..but I doubt Rams win, if Rams win, Saints should win...because I doubt they want a conference championship at the Coliseum. I think Dallas and Eagles win.
    Also because Saints historically are a patsy, aside from Katrina bowl

  3. Replies
    1. Do you have discord? There are some decoding groups on there

  4. The Saints are 6-0 in their last six playoff games at the Superdome. They haven’t lost a home playoff game since Rich Kotite’s Eagles beat them in January 1993.

    1. That’s interesting, 1993 was the first season ATL hosted a Super Bowl. I’ll take a look into this

  5. Foles and Brees went to Westlake Highschool at 4100 Westbank Drive.
    Foles is 4-1 in the playoffs.
    The Eagles-Saints have a history of a little over 51 years.
    Foles of the EAGLES (113) will be 5-1 with a voctory on 1-13.

  6. Darrel Dawkins was number 53 on the Sixers..he would have been 62 on friday/today

  7. Rams won.. i cant believe it but the conf champioship is in LA.. thats a guaranteed Eagles win rams won 30-22 ,Eagles beat them 30-23 the last time in LA..Philadelphia Eagles lead series 22-19-1.. Eagles win would be 23 wins.. Twins means Eagles vs Patriots.. and the Patriot twins are number 30 and 32

    1. After National Championship, Dabo held up trophy and said "Now we have twins" Could be another Eagles Championship!? (Or a second trophy for someone)

    2. The twin is simply the match up, Imo,..the Pats have twins on the team, number 30 and 32..Eagles v Pats

  8. So the Rams and Saints won as expected on the nfc side and Pats continue to move on the AFC side.
    Saints v Pats what I would like to see but looks to be as some of us thought way earlier in the season a Pats v Rams SB again to close it the Brady 9/11 era.

    1. Red Sox beat Dodgers in word series..but lol by the way, the conference championship isn't being held in L.A.. Isn't LA the abreviation for Louisiana?

  9. Yea LA is abbreviation for Louisiana and NoLA is for New Orleans lol. Maybe that means no la lolol

    Shall see... will be interesting seein the codes for these final 4 teams. I’m not counting out KC but if they win this week they will for sure lose SB.

  10. The #Saints 11:29 drive from yesterday is the 12th longest drive time in our database (complete back to 1999), and the second longest in the playoffs

    The only one longer this season was an 11:49 drive by the #Eagles http://pfref.com/tiny/2lnZ1

    These numbers matter? 11?

  11. If Kc did make it, I'd give them the edge Russell Wilson abd Doug Williams won on Indian themed teams ,seahawks logo is from a totem pole

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